Our Story

Fennec Gear began in January 2016 as Morph - Pillow of the Gods by Brian Parker. Brought to life via Kickstarter, the Morph Pillow quickly became Amazon's Choice for those ready for adventure. Morph went through several design changes in order to adapt and become the world's most compact, comfortable travel pillow available.

In 2018, Morph - Pillow of the Gods was purchased by Brian Hermansen & Steve Boyer. After the sale, Morph was rebranded as Fennec Gear. Subsequently, the Morph Pillow is now known as the Fennec Travel Pillow. More compact and durable than ever, the Fennec Travel Pillow continues to be the top-selling travel pillow on Amazon, and Fennec Gear is currently creating several brand new products that will come to market in late 2018 and throughout 2019.

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